Sunday, September 23, 2012

Popular Irony Mail Bag - Penis Advantage Scam

Hi folks, sorry it's been a while since we answered any fan-mail.  We have been extremely busy, as you can imagine.  I had a bit of down time today, so I decided to rummage through the mail bag a bit.  Normally it's just a bunch of asskissery and bullshit, but today I noticed something special.  Something I just had to share with our dedicated audience.

"Anonymous" left this comment today on the post entitled "Time For Beanylon 5". 

First, thanks for watching "Time For Beanylon 5".  I thought it was a piece of shit, but I'll accept any compliment.  I would just like to say, thank you Anonymous.  Really, I do appreciate the encouragement.  I am proud that you think we are the easiest thing to be aware of on the net.  That is a big accomplishment.  You seem to really understand what we are going for, we really get irked while people think about worries that they just do not know about, too.  I mean, it's infuriating, right?

We strive for quality here at Popular Irony, It's nice to hear that we managed to hit the nail upon the top with our content.  I agree, people can take a signal.  I hope you do come back for more, Anonymous.  I will surely check out your website "Penis Advantage Scam".  It sounds intoxicating.

Keep that fan-mail comin', folks!

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