Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Evening with Doug

Doug Stanhope Rampant on the Internet by piascomedy

I saw recently that Terlet posted about his grand adventure of going to see one of his favorite bands play.  For those of you who are not familiar, They Might Be Giants is a fundamentalist Christian rock group that plays mostly songs about how abortion makes Jesus cry.  Last night @SirChapsworth and I went to go see an icon of degenerate humor, Doug Stanhope.  Check out the vid for a sample of his depravity.

The show began with a stranger approaching Doug on stage and giving him some pills.  We then had a chance to learn all about cunt cancer awareness and Doug's plans to auction off his mother's ashes.  He wasn't kidding.  The show became increasingly dark and aggressive as Doug consumed the plethora of free drinks donated by the crowd.  One of the more touching moments that I will never forget is when Doug licked drool off the neck of an obese mexican comic with cerebral palsy that opened for him.

Oh yes, and @SirChapsworth elbowed an attractive woman in the back of the head within 3 minutes of our arrival.  She took it well.  We later learned she drove 7 hours to come see Doug Stanhope, and some asshole gives her a headache before he even takes stage.

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