Friday, November 4, 2011

TMBG - Battle For The Planet of The Apes

Howdy folks!

I don't have a violent, sex laden story about anthropomorphic animals practicing perversity or my normal drunken gibberish.  I saw They Might Be Giants last night.  They tickle me purple.

The first concert I ever went to was They Might Be Giants when I was a young pup.  They hold a special place in my cholesterol stuffed heart.  If you don't like them, then Fuck Off!  If you have never heard of them, then buy their shit!

Below is the setlist from the Boulder Theater show on 11/03/11.  Also, a very low quality cell phone video of "Battle For The Planet of The Apes".  Enjoy!

Set 1
1.  Subliminal 
2.  Damn Good Times 
3.  Celebration 
4.  Can't Keep Johnny Down 
5.  Cloisonn√© 

6.  Battle For The Planet of the Apes
7.  Alphabet of Nations 
8.  The Mesopotamians 
9.  Clap Your Hands 

Set 2 - Flood in reverse order w/ other songs
10.  Road Movie to Berlin 
11.  They Might Be Giants 
12.  Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love 
13.  Women and Men 
14.  Someone Keeps Moving My Chair 
15.  Spoiler Alert 
16.  We Want a Rock 
17.  Twisting 
18.  Particle Man 
19.  Your Racist Friend 
20.  Dead 
21.  Istanbul (Not Constantinople) 
22.  Lucky Ball and Chain 
23.  Birdhouse in Your Soul 
24.  Theme From Flood 

25.  How Can I Sing Like a Girl? 
26.  Marty Beller Mask 

Encore 2:
27.  Why Does the Sun Really Shine? 
28.  When Will You Die 
29.  Fingertips 

Jealous much??

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