Saturday, January 28, 2012

Palette Cleanser!!

Every couple of months, Hamtackle posts something very graphic or just plane disturbing.  That is perfectly fine.  It is a good outlet for his bloodlust and hopefully keeps him from committing atrocities himself.  But after those gruesomely hilarious posts, I feel the need to swim in the opposite end of the pool.  After yesterday's exceedingly gory, mangled hands post, I felt it was time for a bit of a palette cleanser.  So please enjoy this steamy pile of cute.

Look at that wittle kitty witty.  Oosa boo boo?  Oosa?  Oosa boo boo doo doo???? 

meep meep meep meep meep

OOOOOH!!  The wittle ducklings are swimming in a bathroom sink!  Just look at the downy wittle angels.  Wittle schnookums!

Fuck me that is cute!!

Oh shit!  Not Corgi puppies!!  I am having an intense Cutegasm and I am making a mess.

Best Fwends

OK, now I have gone too far.  A chubby asian baby?!  Fuck that little guy is cute!!  He is like a mini Michelin Man!

Super Plump, Super Pinchable, Squishy Cheeks

 I hope this trip to Adorable Land helped chase the suicide bug away for another day.  Just remember, if you are ever feeling blue, somebody has it waaaaay worse than you.  Just look at yesterday's post.


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