Sunday, January 8, 2012

Big Ass Sausages

I had guests at my house yesterday and I grilled way too much meat.  I ate around a dozen bratwurst and there were still ample leftovers.  I woke up this morning with high pressure diarrhea.  A fiery, brown fire hose.  Around 3 hours later, I ate 3 more leftover bratwurst out of the fridge.  They weren't at all delicious and I questioned why I was eating them the entire time.  Luckily my wife acted fast and threw the remaining half dozen in the trash. 

In honor of those fallen, uneaten, German soldiers, I present this clip from a 1950's animated commercial for Big Ass Sausages.  Big Ass Sausages - The Kind Your Grandma Used to Eat. (Sometimes 2 at a time.) (Your grandma is a whore.) (Seriously, your grandpa is not your real grandpa. Your real grandpa is some Portuguese waiter she banged in a bus stop while his friends cheered him on.)

Fill your eager mouth with a hot load of Big Ass Sausages!


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