Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dead Anything

You know that show "The Walking Dead"?  Yeah!?  Well, they have a free app for the Iphone that makes you all zombied and shit!  It's called "Dead Yourself".  Because you make yourself look dead.  Because I already look like a fetid corpse, I'll bypass posting a zombied picture of myself.  But so many other things can be zombied!  Fuck!  It's Zombie Peck the Cat!

Aw Shit!!  zombie hotdog!?  Watch the fuck out, this hotdog bites back!

Welcome to the Hidden Valley of the Undead Ranch.  Ranch dressing is fucking disgusting.

This is actually a bit terrifying.  A zombie chimpanzee?  Those fuckers are terrifying in the first place.  As adults they are excessively stronger than humans and have absolutely no moral code.  They will rip your face off and eat your genitals.  They are fucking monsters.  If I didn't make the picture, I'd assume it was real.  Our closest descendants are horrible fucking monsters!!

Sweet Jesus!  It's the zombie Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal Briquettes!  No! Nooo!!!  Fire only makes them stronger!!

Holy Demon Cunts!  It's a zombie Ikea catalog office chair!  Only 59.99!

Aw shit!  zombie Baron the Dog is badass!  He will fuck your teeth hole!  You see how I gave him body armor?  Motherfucking badass!

AAAAHH!!  A zombie dog must have zombie dog toys!  Not you Gingerbread Squeaky Toy!  Not you too!!!

Zombie breakfast is delicious.  Zombie Bacon, Zombie Scrambled Eggs, Zombie Sausage.  Mmmm, all of the Zombie food groups. 

Zombie Blue Screen of Death, you piece of shit!

Now, why don't you go make yourself dead!?  I don't mean using the app either.  Do it, you pussy!  You know who you are!  End it!


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