Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slekim Du Nogo is King of Sea.

Hello, long time no talk.  It me, Slekim Du Nogo!  I bet you miss you old pal Slek.  Where have Slek been these last 17 fuggin months?  Slekim been in Australian prison, of course.  When Slek began "Slekim International Head Hunt", Slekim did not expect such a disappointing Australian welcome.

All Slek did was saw head off one Australian cork hat man to cause massive shit storm.  Do you know it illegal to saw head off deserving man?  It do.  So Slekim's great adventure cut drastically short.  Slek called murderer and put in dark cold place.  Australian prison nothing like Central Mountain of Papua New Guinea where Slekim from.  Vegemite taste like dog salt.

Slekim thought he never get out of Australian prison.  That all change now.  Prisoner transfer hard when Slekim is so crafty.  All it take is one guard not paying attention.  Slekim make hongoia knife in prison kitchen.  It not cassowary bird, but it chop you fuggin head off.  Guard look at pretty lady when moving Slekim, Slekim pull out hongia and SAW STAB CHOP CHOP SAW STAB RIP TEAR PULL SAW CHOP PULL and POP!  Off come the guard head.

That when it happen.  Slekim get the head lust.  Once Slekim get going, it hard to stop.  It all go red and Slekim chop and saw, so many heads.  When Slekim vision clear, Slekim in control of Australian battleship.  Slekim now Captain of HMAS Ballarat.  Somehow Slekim decapitate his way through Australian prison guard, Australian police force and part of Australian Navy.

HMAS Ballarat much better than Slekim old tree boat.  Slekim King of fuggin sea!  Slekim going now, Slekim need recruit crew of brigands and scallywags to help Slekim on "Slekim International Head Hunt 2013"!!  Maybe Slekim see you soon, maybe Slekim saw you fuggin head off?


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