Monday, January 21, 2013


EEEEEEK!! I got's the filthies!  I done touched it!  I done touched it!  EEEEEEK!!  I can't get it off!  The filthies!  EEEEEEEK!!  It's all all over my fingers!  Noo!  It's climbing up my hand further!  It's melting me!!  EEEEEK!  I can feel it eating between my knuckle bones!!

Why did I touch that meteor?  I thought it would be full of space diamonds or superhero powers but it's just full of hungry slime!  My daddy was right, I shouldn't have gone to prom with that Johansonson boy.  He was trying to talk me into "doing it" and he ran away as soon as he saw that the slime was digesting me.  This is genuinely unpleasant.  Tonight was supposed to be magical!  I was not supposed to get devoured!

Well there, it's now past my elbow.  Wonderful.  It doesn't seem to hurt as much now.  I guess it has a natural numbing agent built into it's slimy core.  Hmmmm.  It is quite curious, in fact, that I find myself being less afraid the further it climbs up my arm.

So that's what it feels like to have one's eyes dissolved.  Very interesting.  That last splash of prismatic color was quite a delightful surprise.  Ah,  I feel that it has reached my brain.  HA!  What a tickle!  Tee hee!

This is quite fortuitous.  I feel my intellect mingling with the Hyper Intelligent Pseudo Mucous.  Well, thank you Mucous, I like you as well.  Mucous has informed me that we are combining our essences to form the perfect amalgam of a mortal prey drive and and deep space hyper intellect.  My species is just what it required to fulfill it's mission.  We are one.  We are great.  We are all.  We are hungry.

We are delighted to see that our prom dress was not digested.  We will wear it now.  We will have our magical prom night after all.  We will find the Johansonson boy and finish our date.  He said he wanted to be inside us on prom night.  Now he can.  Now he will.  All will join us.  We are hungry.


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