Friday, January 4, 2013

Omegle Revisited... Again

Just another drunken romp through the anonymous chat services on the internet. As always, my responses are in green. First I decided to test the boundaries of decency by challenging a stranger's threshold for offensive commentary. Always a good ice breaker.




Ok. That was a decent start. Next I decided to engage the strangers in a bit of role playing, where I offered some creative punishments for their personal enemies.




So that went... Pretty well I guess. At least I am getting some participation from the online community of lonely drunkards and shut-ins. Finally I got a little vigilante streak and called out a probable internet liar by demanding contextual responses in real time. The results were satisfying.



There you have it, folks. Another hastily and lazily produced post of improvisational comedy with strangers. Hope to see you online! Oh yea, if you do frequent these sites, never start a conversation with "asl" because it makes you seem like a pedophile trolling for children to harass. Unless you ARE such a pedophile, in which case proceed, I guess.


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