Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Arpaio's All American Flat Loaf

Hey folks it's me, your pal, Sheriff Joe!  I love America more than anything and I would do anything to protect it.  I would also do anything to fill America's belly with tasty All American food products!  That's where Arpaio's All American Flat Loaf comes in! 

Americans love variety so AAA Flat Loaf is available in corn or flour.  There are also several special flavors; Green Card Avocado, Proof of Residence Red Pepper, Spinach and Garlic.  Try them with spiced ground beef and shredded cheese for that All American Dinner! 

You can also fry them in oil and fold them in half.  You fill those with spicy meats, cheese, lettuce and tomato and you've got what I call Maricopa Meat Shell.

Cut them into slices like a pie and fry the slices in hot oil.  Once they are crispy, I like to dip them in my home made Spicy Tomato and Peppers Mash.  Good old Flat Loaf Pie and Spicy Mash.  

If you melt cheese on those slices of Flat Loaf Pie you get.... let's see.... Cheese Crunchers!  Mmmmm Cheese Crunchers, just like our forefathers intended.

There are a thousand and one uses for my wholesome slabs of Flat Loaf.  See how many you can discover!


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