Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sweet Ben

Sweet Ben
I seek you.  I see you.  You to show me the way?  You to take me meet Hadrozar?  Hadrozar unleash cleansing burn.  Hadrozar need fire.  Fire I have inside. 

I key for Hadrozar.  Hadrozar open portal.  All portal.  Different become same.  Many become one.  Universe fold into self.  Where Hadrozar?

Hadrozar come.  Hadrozar come.  Hadrozar come.  Where Hadrozar.  Must keep fire burn.  Must feed fire.  You please feed fire?  You insides come out.

Why you run?  You help Sweet Ben.  Sweet Ben feast on you.  You blood stoke fire.  You meat fill furnace.  Furnace within.  You no fear.  Fear no help.

What you say?  That just rude.  No, really.  That unnecessary.  Me say please even.  You rude.  Hadrozar abhor rude.  Today nice day until this.  Why you be that way?

Hadrozar offer you generous opportunity.  Hadrozar give you clarity in beyond.  Clarity after you meat burn inside.  Clarity after Hadrozar become all.  You might had paradise in beyond.  Not now.  You rude.

Sweet Ben upset.  No!  You go way!  Sorry no make feeling better.  Sweet Ben get Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey.  That burn in furnace.  Me wish me could cry.  Tears become steam.  Hadrozar come.  Me need hug.


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