Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Get Tender Fingers Filthy, Assistance By Stick.

I got here bucket of fishes.  Bet you no keep yer eyes offen them!  Them fish finest quality for you!  You buy fish?  You stop you worry, this bucket also has ice in.  Ice makes fish no rot, no even little rot!  If'n you likes fish maybe you also like Creamed Cheese?  Perfect for spread on fish.  Them highest quality Creamed Cheese.  Creamed Cheese made from best part of other Creamed Cheese.  I make into special ball with fish.  No worry, me wring out melty ice water.

You want buy special Moist Creamed Fish Balls?  Special incentive of rolling fish ball in oats.  Finest oats for you healthy heart!  Sweeten deal further now!  Further with put on stick.  Now you eat Moist Oat Creamed Fish Balls on Stick!  No get tender fingers filthy, assistance by stick.

Wait but there more!  Can't won't be complete without Dip Sauces.  Choices have Egg Vinegar, Porked Water, Fatted Salt, Sweet Liver and White Gelatins.  Think hard, you choice get one only. 

You take here... Here you take... You take here.... Here you take....  No take?  How not possessed by hungry?  Shown you delights secret, unknown flavor.  Passed up none have before, how you?  Convinced you I have?!  YES!  Pity I use, pity exuded.  $5.  Yes, $5.  What sauce?  No sauce?!  Take you sauce!!  Yes, finest Porked Water. 

Eat here now.  No walk away.  Watching pleasure face.  Eat now for old man?  Don't forgetting Porked Water, let soak....  Now eat.  You eat everyday.  You eat everyday here.  You bring $5 everyday and eat foods from bucket.  Tomorrow special, Fish Milk Bucket.  You still no eat?  Help you food put in mouth I can.  I will!

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