Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Popular Irony!

Well, we did it. Despite our rigorous schedules of doing absolutely nothing of value Terlet and I have managed to keep this shitty blog going for a full year now. So to mark the occasion I decided to pull the veil back a bit and shine some light on the pale underbelly that spawned this little website we call Popular Irony. Now I am not so diluted to think that anyone reading this has been with us for very long, and certainly not since the beginning, but I am going to pretend for the next few minutes that we have some kind of dedicated following of readers that stuck by us for the past twelve months, so please humor me.

I started the blog by myself on a whim back on July 5 2011 after doing some painful introspection. I was 30 years old and had already lived a bit longer than I ever expected to, or maybe even a bit longer than I would have preferred, and I had just recently attended the wedding of my future fellow blog writer, Terlet. He and I have known each other since we were kids, attending grade school together and playing high school football, but really got to know each other when we attended college together when I lived with blog contributor and non-sexual male companion Sir Chapsworth. But when he was married in our home town I went back for the first time in many years, and seeing all our old friends that gathered from across the country had the predictable effect of making me critical of myself.

I had been working for the same company for a decade and knew it would never go anywhere, felt alone in the world, and was afflicted with the not-very-unique condition of having failed to live up to the potential and expectation that everyone but me saw in myself. I guess I was just looking for something to look forward to, a way to express my thoughts and try to be a little creative. I started writing some posts that were just half-assed renditions of personal stories and thoughts of mine, and had no expectations of anyone ever reading it.  But I was enjoying myself in my anonymous online forum.

I had told no one about my blog, probably due to my self-consciousness about it's admittedly shitty content, but decided to reach out to Terlet for some feedback so I sent him the link. But I had ulterior motives. I knew that if I kept things up Terlet would want to be a part of my pet project, and secretly hoped to benefit from his artistic and comedic creativity. We had discussed working together in the past, mostly on stories and graphic novels, but never followed through. But with such an accessible online forum it became more easily achievable, and I was able to get Terlet interested when I posted my first completely fictitious and comedic post entitled "Midgets, Dwarfs, and Other Unfortunate Half-Humans". Terlet called me and said that he liked it, and was interested in possibly starting a blog of his own, so I offered to give him administrator rights to my blog instead.

His contributions were immediately beneficial to the blog, from a complete site redesign to registering the domain and address, and we both spent a month and a half publishing one post each every day to build a catalog of content, eventually alternating days. But since that first day one year ago we have not missed a single day, making sure something was posted here no matter how hastily produced or pathetic. We were enjoying the interaction with our readers early on, tracking our pageviews, and working on blog promotion.

Since then our focus changed from writing short stories to producing absurd characters, and we made several lackluster attempts at integrating other media such as video, spoken word, music, and art. We now regularly poke fun at every conceivable taboo subject from religion to pornography, violence to politics, drug abuse to homosexuality, and everything in-between. And while I admit that we often "phone it in" from time to time, I enjoy the process as much now as when we started, if not for the chance to share a laugh then for the excuse to meet up and work on content. And far from thinking about stopping, I am eager to try new things and expand our production. Right now we are working on producing a podcast and have several ideas for projects that range from puppet shows to pen and paper role playing games, but never without our trademark absurdity.

So I guess I want to thank our fickle audience now, the silent, anonymous readers that have grown in terms of numbers but shrunk in terms of interactivity. I don't care if you refuse to comment or send email. I enjoy your faceless consumption of our daily filth, and amuse myself by imagining what kind of people you are. My only evidence comes in the form of reviewing our analytics and trying to devise what kind of person sees the offensive content we have created and doesn't immediately turn tail and run, but subscribes to the feed and checks in regularly to see what's new.

My best evidence to the kind of person that reads Popular Irony is by analyzing the search terms that draw people from google. So I want to end by sharing some of my favorites. These are actual keywords that people search in google to find our blog:

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vomit pictures

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cocaine face


all brutal young pedo fuck

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blasphemous pornography

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emaciated nudes

fried egg felcher

gay lustful kitty

ingenious wanking methods

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latex whores

mexican eating puke

people who eat their own scabs

preemie puppies

purple retard

So thanks for reading, and we will be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled unfunny comedic filth.


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