Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Enlightening Factoids from the Lady Terlet

Hello Readers. Hamtackle is completing the very last leg of his journey abroad and Terlet just simply cannot be bothered this evening.  Therefore, I, the Lady Terlet, have been charged with informing and educating the Popular Irony readers.  As a student of the world, I have obtained a slight level of expertise in several topics.  Here are three little known, yet possibly helpful factoids to consider in your everyday life. 

  • If the oil in your car is not very dark or dirty when you go in for a change, most lube businesses will re-use that oil in the next car.  Therefore, it is often the case that a driver will leave with dirtier oil than that with which he came.  
  • The most common places to have a murder fantasy are:
              3.  A high school
              2.  In traffic
              1.   In a Walmart Supercenter 
  • People who habitually tip less than 18% of their bill at dinner annually consume 87% more semen and saliva than the average hardcore porn star.

Now, you have been educated.  Use this information wisely in your daily routine.  I thank you for your patronage.

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