Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Deborah,

Dear Deborah,

Seeing you at the mall the other day was great. Congratulations on your wedding!
Dieudonne seems like a great guy. he is very lucky. I am so happy for you. You look really good. It looks like you've been keeping in shape, can't say the same about me (lots of hamburgers) :-) I was happy to hear that your mom is doing well. She was always such a sweetheart. I just wanted to send you a nice letter and wish you well.

Take care,

Your friend -Tony

I just remembered that you still owe me for that last month of rent before you moved out. That is $700 Deborah! What the fuck?! You leave me for that fucking hockey player with the fucked up teeth and you take the cat and MY FUCKING TV! That was my TV Deborah! I fucking bought it with my money before I met your cheating ass! AAAAHH Fucking Bitch! How did I forget this shit! If I would have remembered in the mall you would be wearing a neck brace dragging a colostomy bag right now! You are the only woman I would ever hit, Deborah. Well you and your stinking whore of a mom. Please tell her that her cooking sucks and she raised a wonderful skank of a daughter. I hope your new husband enjoys the herpes as much as I did. Even the French think
Dieudonne is a fucking stupid name. Tell him "die" for me.

Your pussy stinks -Tony

P.P.S Included is a picture of your mom.

You have your mother's looks.

Fuck you -Tony

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