Friday, July 8, 2011

Why we should all hate the rich

Let me begin by stating that I do not think everyone should vote. If you are uneducated about a subject you are not allowed to be passionate about it. Hit the books, then join the adults in the conversation

As you might guess by the title of this post, I do not intend to inspire any conservative hardons here. I think your political persuasion should hold up against a few questions in the hypocrisy test.

1. Are you rich? If you are thinking "I do pretty well. Some might consider me rich..." then the answer is no. Rich people know they are rich right away.
2. Do you agree that sometimes you will have to accept some suffering to ensure your boss makes more money this year than last?
3. Do you think that ALL institutions are run best with profit as the main incentive? Things like prisons (that keep us safe, for the most part), hospitals (the place that keeps you alive), and schools (the place that prepares you to earn a living one day) should make their decisions with the bottom line as their gauge?

For those keeping score, the answers are all no.

Taxes are bad for the rich and good for the rest. When someone says we should cut taxes for the rich to stimulate job growth you would do them a favor to poke out one of their eyes as a reminder of that dumb idea. The really rich people gather wealth and never use it. It is all in investments and the economy never sees a dime. The best stimulus is food stamps. Give a poor person food stamps and they enter back into the economy overnight. Rich people use their riches to grow and secure their riches. Not to make jobs.

When I get rich, I will consider changing my mind.

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