Friday, July 29, 2011


Hi its Your Best Friend JEN!! I am so glad we are Best Friends!!

I had the mostest best day ever!! Uncle Rudy and I went to the Golden Bucket Land of Buffets Casino and Gentleman's Warehouse. Aunt Tina did not want to go because she says that's how you get pink-eye and the Chinese need our kidneys for Chinese demon magic. Oh Aunt Tina you are a hoot!

Uncle Rudy went off to gamble while I tried every single Buffet in the Land of Buffets..... There were so many varieties of delicious. I had meaty pies, gooey centers, tasty morsels, tender vittles, fishy nibblins, crunchy chunklets, steamy piles, spicy pinches, stinky crumbles, chilly gobs, eggy lumps, crispy tidbits, moist mouthfuls, ranchy trickles, scraped inches, soupy limps, powdered cracklins, stringy drizzles, stacked plumplins, fisted mash, strained driplins, sandy pouches, floating ploppleys, iced brown, runny smidgens and just a soup├žon of stirred mushlings. Every row of buffet had a new hidden treasure!! It also had a taco bar right next to a soft server machine!! I made my own Vanilla bean and beef tacos!

Uncle Rudy brought his whole paycheck. By the time we left he said he had made enough money gambling and panhandling to get us bus fair home!! YAY UNCLE RUDY!!! My Uncle Rudy is the best gamblingerer in the whooole county!!

Well every dream day must end. Uncle Rudy and I had to finally go home. Aunt Tina was very happy to see us when we got home. I guess she had been stuck up the tree in our front yard all day. Oh Aunt Tina!!

Hugs and kisses and fairy wishes -Your Best Friend JEN!!

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