Friday, July 8, 2011

Crime and punishment, documented

It is probably best not to view the below video.  Ever.  I willingly subject myself to whatever terrible content I can find, and am probably one of the few that can view this stuff and not suffer any side effects.  If you don't think the same of yourself, read one of my other non-disturbing posts.

For a brief description of what is included here, we have three Russian youths in a room with two homeless people.  The youths wear surgical masks and give their Nazi salutes, and it is clear that this will at least end in a brutal beating.  One of the bums is singled out and the camera reveals that he is already beaten bloody, as his tormentors make him take off his hat.  They appear to interrogate the man for a few moments, then one of the men shows the camera that he has a switchblade.  He gets aggressive, shouting at the bum, until he swings once at his neck, and three or so more times in his side.  The man is entirely submissive, and barely reacts to the quick stabs. The camera steps in to confirm that the man is bleeding heavily on the left side of the neck.  The tall Nazi frantically attacks again and again, with some rough camera work, until you see the bum laying on the ground, taking multiple stabs to the back.

Pretty brutal, to be sure.  But this brings a few issues up for me.  Fuck Russia.  These guys are probably the most ruthless people outside of the middle east, and they are NOT motivated by religious fanaticism, just a general ingrained crazy that comes out of Siberia.  What I have learned from the hourly skinhead videos that come out of that part of the world is that the government is either too inept, or just doesn't fucking care about these crimes.

Before we let the general public vote on issues like crime and war all of us should have to view a couple beheading videos.  It helps us empathize with the victim, I truly believe.  I feel for the homeless man in this video, and every moment of it I was hoping to see him fight back, even if he was eventually overwhelmed and killed.  Instead you have a broken man, who must know that the sudden introduction of surgical masks and a video camera spelled doom for him.  Even when the knife is in front of his face, he just waits and hopes it will end.  This is why we have the death penalty in this country.  Because anyone who viewed a video like this in the context of a jury box would have no other option than to condemn these men.  The deaths of people this terrible is not a punishment, but a gift.  A gift to any survivors, and to anyone who truly knew how sadistic their crimes were.

But in Russia, sadly, these men will probably do this again and never be caught.  We need to remember to punish villains in life, because there is no justice in the endless void that waits for us all.  Justice is a man-made concept, and the universe will care little about the details of our lives for the rest of eternity.

Sleep well!

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