Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Racist Paradox: Hating Your Genetic Twin

The human mind is very good at finding differences, but can overlook similarities with equal ease.  There is literally nowhere one can turn to avoid racism in it's various forms, particularly where anonymity facilitates hatred (the Internet).  I find it all comical.  When you fire insults that target the very essence of another person's being you must recognize the hypocrisy.  To all outside observers you are staring directly into a mirror, angrily ranting about the very characteristics that forever link you to your target.  Feel free to bitch about a man's politics, level of education, personal hygiene at your leisure.  But to attack the root of a person is the embodiment of self loathing.  It is part of our nature to be racist, I believe.  It is one of those ugly reptile brain remnants that was never selected out of the gene pool, just like the urges to steal anything of value for yourself, or to fuck anything that can't run away.  These urges are most successfully combated by education and literacy.  This is man's great difference to the rest of the animal kingdom, we can overcome our nature with empathy and rationale, allowing for greater social cohesion and cooperative technological/cultural growth.

Also I must admit that I am as white as people can get.  Being Irish, Norwegian  and German makes me a perfect storm of pale, with skin so delicate that it cannot tan.  I simply burn lobster red, then turn pale again.  I also recognize that in the grand scheme of things, white people have a disproportionate responsibility for the bulk of ethnic tragedies in modern times.  Now this does not mean they are more inherently evil (although can you name two non-white serial killers?), but rather that they have been the beneficiaries of advances in trade and technology that put them in a position to easily exploit other peoples.

Now let me step off of my soap box and get back to calling people assholes.  For my first gripe, why is it that the least of my race are always the one that are so fucking proud?  If you hear racist fervor on the radio you can pretty much guess that the racist in question has few enough teeth to make eating a sandwich through a chain link fence a possibility.  I guess if you have no chance of ever accomplishing anything personally you have to be proud of your race as a whole.  Your Walmart cashier's booth is not a podium, and if you plan to pontificate, you had better know what the word means.

And if you are one of these "they are taking our jobs!" people, then I must ask this.  If you are so terrible at your job that an illegal immigrant who is the product of third world public schools, and may not even speak the language can take it away... your problem is not the immigrants.  And those that call for the deportation of all illegals?  Talk to any restaurant owner, farmer, or labor contractor.  They would be finished.

I have a plan to reform racists nationwide and leaving our country a much more habitable place.  The only way of doing this is through rigorous educational standards.  And to have any success we may have to take the dramatic step of redrawing the national borders to exclude a few states (this means you, Texas and Mississippi).  We need only to give performance incentives to teachers across the country, and start the presses back up in the south and start printing books again!  And for any willing racists, those that remain ignorant in the face of all reason, we must consider forcible castration.  I suggest tying fishing line around their testicles while they are sleeping and yelling "FIRE!".

Overall, the best way to combat racism at the individual level is by ridiculing it.  And with that in mind, I leave you with this:

Got your moustache, silly fascist!

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