Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good news for child murderers!

Everyone is up in arms right now about the Casey Anthony murder trial verdict.  Mostly because they think she is guilty.  Of course she is.  She probably just accidentally killed her kid while trying to perform that age-old juggling act, that of the whore/mother.

I happen to agree with the verdict.  I think it should be extremely difficult to convict someone on such a tall pile of circumstantial bullshit.  I know that if I were in her shoes, and I had managed to keep police at bay for so long with such ridiculous lies, I would be pretty pissed at some bastard prosecutor trying to take away my freedom because of his "common sense".

And kudos to her defence for hedging their bets by throwing in the incompetent representation clause.  Should she have been convicted it would be a cinch to get any doctor in the world to testify that her lawyer was a soft-headed retard.  And they also did well to keep her the fuck off of the stand.  If she opened her mouth for one minute her defence would devolve into a web of lies, and soon every cop in the state of Florida would believe that the case was a ruse by the government for her involvement in a failed operation to kill Tom Cruise with a radioactive dildo.

But I am done being outraged about this now.  Besides, Nancy Grace is outraged enough for all of us, and I can't help smiling a little when I think about dead children.

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