Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ssome newss!! With Glenda Bekk!!!!

- Glenda Bekk -

Licensed Opinionomotrist

Hey Y'all Glenda Bekk here!! Juss poppin in to give you the ssweet newss sscoop! Y'all know how I love me ssome newss!

Sso Rita from the Conoco told me, that down in like, Norwegia there iss thiss camp of Naziss that ssome guy went and fought them and junk. Sshe ssaid they were like Hitler'ss Youthss or whatever. I mean like who doess a camp for kidss that'ss all about politicss? Dissturbing iss like what that iss.

Sso like, the hero gun guy found out about ssome like, ssecret plan to take over urope and sstuff. He liked sstopped the Nazsi, Musslim armiess or whatever. but after all that he like, he wass like, sstill not invited to Labor'ss Party becauss they like, have a bunch of like, ethnic toleranssess. Sso he was all like, Fuck Thiss and took care of ssome buissiness and junk.

I guesss he like, killed lotss of people or whatever. You sshould never kill people like, no matter how much you don't like them. Killin people iss not right and Jesssuss criess baby koala bear tearss whenever you kill ssomebody. If you like, kill a dog he like, criess normal people tears or whatever. He like, ssavess hiss sspecial tearss for people.

I guess if you do like. have to kill somebody you should like, kill Musslim Nazsiss or whatever. I mean if you HAVE TO. Like if somebody iss gonna sshoot your Grandmammy or puppiess or whatever. But not like, just for fun and junk.

Sso I'll be talkin to y'all later, don't be goin and makin Jessuss cry none!

Ssmoochess -Glenda Bekk

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