Saturday, July 23, 2011

A One-Legged Vagrant's Guide to the Movies

This picture is of me from when i was in the newspaper

Frisky Pete here.  I went to them theatres and saw some movies.  People always askin Frisky Pete about the movies, so I am gonna tell  people about the movies.  These are some movies i went too this week, I will go too more when I get more money selling plasmuh.

A picture i found of the movie
I went to the building where they were showin Captin America.  That movie house has too many steps.  I had to make a walking stick out of newspapers and duct tape.  I don't like how they keep the trash cans so close to the bathrooms, because it is gross to eat out of the cans when they are so close to people peeing.  Loyal fans of the franchise will find the conversion of the original storyline into a digestible film-friendly format satisfying, and newcomers will not be turned off by any unnecessary complexity.  And I found two whole pockets worth of candy and popcorn.

This is the Hairy Potter movie

I went to the bigger movie house next to the library (the library with the really big sinks that you can sit in all the way).  There was too many people for this movie, but lots of kids.  Kids have small hands and drop lots of candy, so that was good.  They don't have stairs but have just a big ramp which is better, but you have to push throo a turning gate which is hard with one leg.  The films final moments leave the viewer with a sense of completion and satisfaction that is rarely achieved in modern film.  Be prepared to experience loss, suspense, and ultimately cheer in this final installment.  I stayed for 20 minutes after everyone left checking the cushions until they turned the lights off and said to go away.

This is the one i didn't get to go to

There is this one movie transformers that I tried to get to see but they wouldnt let me in because I yelled at a lady.  They had a really big cat in the parking lot that was eating all the food in the parking lot.  I threw 2 rocks at it but some kids got mad and threw a rock at me so I left there.

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