Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Worthless opinions: read mine!

I have much to share with no one. What an opportunity to stroke my ego with my most trusted audience. Me. I can be whoever I want you to think I am. Being a mildly antisocial self-loathing introvert you can trust that my expressed image is either dead on or tilted to some critical caricature of my true self. "I promise not to lie".

Before explaining simple truths about politics, religion, child abuse (with hilarious details), and the reasons why nobody deserves to be happy, I plan to use this initial post to candidly give a profile of myself. I am a 30 year old white (German, Irish and Norwegian) male, 6'4" 300 (glorious) lbs American. I am largely left leaning, politically. That is to say I hate conservatives more than I hate liberals. I don't really hate children, but I hate being around them. And people that talk about their own. And seeing advertisements that feature them. OK, I hate children. I read less often than I like, but when I do I prefer nonfiction. I play video games, and defend the practice as intellectually stimulating. I listen mostly to hip hop and soul music. When I defecate the texture generally alternates between cannonball density and soft serve ice cream. Maybe I should stop there.

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