Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back In My Day.....

You Goddamned kids!  You've all got your roundabout excessive bullshit!  You little shits can't do anything simple anymore.  It's gotta be so sciencey and over-engineered.  I swear to Christ, if I see one more little bastard wearing super tight girl pants with a coif that took hours of styling just to look like a fucking mess, I am going to die of dehydration from my rage shits!  You youngin's just don't get it do you?  Well let me fucking explain it.

Back in my day, if we wanted to fuck an animal... We fucked it!  We didn't care about animal abuse or claims of bestiality.  We just got behind that critter and fucked the Goddamned shit out of it.

Fucking Sexy

Now comes along you fucking kids with your fuzzy animal suits and crazy plush-fueled sex parties.  So let me get this straight..... if you want to fuck a fox, you kids fuck another human dressed as a fox?  What fucking bullshit!  That is nothing like reality.  A human vagina does not nearly have the grip or shallow depth of a fox vagina.  Having sex with a real fox holds so many more erotic dangers.  You have to deal with the beast's gnashing teeth and razor claws.

Don't let yer babies grow up to be furries.

Back in my day, if you got out of a sexual encounter with a fox with half your penis, it was a good day.  You can't get herpes from a real fox!  You can get herpes from that chubby trailer trash with that fox ear head band and tail tied to her belt.  You ain't gettin no fox pregnant neither!  You just have to watch out for rabies, and that is only if you get bit.

Wanna Fuck??

If you want to fuck a person, fuck a person.  If you want to fuck and animal, fuck an animal.  If you want to fuck a person and an animal.  Then fucking do it.  It is easier to fuck an animal with another person holding it down anyway.  But if you want to fuck an animal and you fuck a person dressed as an animal, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!!


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