Saturday, June 2, 2012

Palate Cleanser - Romantic Edition

Hamtackle has done it once again.  He has graced the pages of Popular Irony with some very disturbing and brutal photos.  You know that guy who ate that homeless man's face?  Do you want to see the picture of his bloody "No-Face"?  Well then scroll down and look at yesterdays post.  No?!  You don't want to see something so fucking terrible?  Then this post is for you.

Whenever Hamtackle posts something truly disturbing, I like to follow it up with a Palate cleanser.  This time the subject is Romance.

When you see the picture of the romantic couple below, try not to think about self disembowelment.  Go on... Don't think about ripping out your own intestines and hurling them at people.  That's right, don't think about it.  Think about the silky touch of your desired sexual partner.  Don't think about their insides being on the outside.  See... isn't that better?

Now the couple below is sharing a romantic kiss.  Please note that it is only a kiss and not cannibalism.  The woman is not taking large toothy bites out of the man's face.  Not even a nibble.  Just tender smooches.  I promise you that she is not locked onto his lower lip like a rabid bulldog.  She is not preparing to tear away with all her strength ripping the man's lip off like a flabby hunk of greasy meats.  Just love..... Love and tenderness.

Awwww... isn't that sweet?  A couple in a loving, mid-coital embrace.  And they are both alive and intact.  One of the couple isn't a corpse in mid-dissection-rape.  The couple is probably happy and healthy and one of them is not being filmed for torture porn.  Just love.  Love and steamy passion.  Not horror and blood-lust.  See, don't you feel better.  Don't you feel better to know that one of them is not a psychotic gay porn star with a cat crushing fetish?

Well, I don't know about you, but I feel cleansed.  I think I got all of those gore encrusted cobwebs out of my head.  Now all I can think about is stuffing my short and salty inside of some willing and ready lady parts.  Just remember.... No matter how bad the world seems, at least you have not been cannibalized while you were still alive.  Until next time - Smooches!


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