Saturday, June 16, 2012

Connect The Dots: Adult Edition

Every once in a while we at Popular Irony like to give our readers some fun activities to break up all the rampant boredom in our daily lives.  Today we offer these titillating and challenging connect-the-dots puzzles of pornographic images.  Can you guess what's going on in the pictures?  It is all a mystery until you connect all the dots!

Boy, this one is really tricky.  I'm pretty sure this fine young lady is making the bed, and her boyfriend is approaching to give her a hand.  Is there anything else going on?  Connect the dots to find out!

This pretty lady must be enjoying some delicious icecream.  But what flavor is her favorite?  The only way to find out is to complete the puzzle!

These two friends are having a great time wrestling, but who is winning?  If you connect the dots you can see which guy has the "upper hand".

This lovely lady looks a little distressed.  Can you tell why?  Complete the puzzle to solve this mystery!


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