Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Terlet Has a Big Fat Gut

Hello friends and loyal readers.  It's your old pal Terlet.  This is going to be a bit of an abnormal post today. 

About a month and a half ago, I went to my doctor and got a physical.  I have been going to this same doctor for about 20 years and he is a pretty nice guy.  During my physical, he told me that my back hurts because I am fat and I have high blood pressure, because I am fat and that I am almost diabetic, because I am fat.  When they needled me and pulled some blood, it instantly separated into blood and bacon grease.

I told my friendly doctor that I was serious about getting rid of my gut and that I would get into better shape before our follow up appointment 2 months later.  Since then, I have done nothing.  My completely sedentary, bacon fueled lifestyle has continued unabated.

I just realized that in 2 weeks I am do for that follow up appointment.  Aw shit!  My doctor and I are comfortable with each other and he would not hesitate to voice his disappointment over the status of my jiggly gut and man-tits. 

I don't feel like getting a guilt trip from my doctor and I actually would like to get in better shape.  So today I decided to start working out.  I have the INSANITY workout DVDs.  I am going to go into my living room in a moment and pop on the first DVD.  Once complete, I will come back and finish this post.  If this is posted without any day 1 workout results, it is because I fucking died while exercising.

Alright.... Here I go.  This is gonna suck.  Let's see how I do!!

30 minutes later......

Ow.  Ow ow ow.  I was right!  I am out of shape.  I got through about 3/4 of the first disc.  It was painful.  I am out there hopping around like an idiot with my dog jumping all over me.  I am very sweaty.  So sweaty, hot and stinky.  Leg pain.  oooooooooh LEG PAIN!!

Let's see if I can keep it up or if this is only a 1 time thing.  I need to pop on disc 2 tomorrow.  It might happen..... might.  ow.

Now that I am all sweaty, I pretty much look like this guy.


Thanks for putting up with this lame, self centered post.  I promise I will make up for it eventually with something truly disgusting and perverse.  Smooches -Terlet

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