Thursday, May 24, 2012

Controversial Child Toys

Every once in a while a crazy concept makes it past the the research and development team at children's toy companies. While the resulting products are often hilarious, the consequences can be quite severe to the industry. Here are a few of the more insane examples from recent years.

Precious Pilot Poolside Slingshot

Do you have a significantly smaller or younger sibling? Does your family have a home pool with an easily scaled security fence? If you answered yes then you have everything necessary to play the coolest home game since lawn darts! The Precious Pilot Poolside Slingshot comes already assembled and ready for home flight experimentation. Just seat your younger sibling in the leather launching strip, pull back, aim, and fire away! The water makes their landing safe and fun, no matter how hard you launch them. How far can YOU fire? Find out today!

Junior's Budget Chemistry Set

Studies show that the earlier you expose your child to science the more likely they will form a lasting passion for education. But how do you foster a love for discovery on the budget of a fledgeling new family? Buy Junior's Budget Chemistry Set and turn the cabinet under the sink into a makeshift laboratory and set them loose! They will learn valuable lessons about mixing ammonia and bleach, and explore the core properties of chemicals such as scent, texture, and flavor! Just remember to keep junior in an enclosed space while playing, since nobody wants the fumes to fill the whole house.

Lil' Refugee Landmine Discovery Kit

Finally, a product that makes the most terrifying part of living in a third-world country fun again! Just head into the "forbidden" parts of the jungle/desert on the outskirts of your village wearing the Lil' Refugee blindfold and walking stick, and try to make it to the other side. But always remember... No Peeking! And as a bonus you can turn in your proof of purchase for a 20% discount on our full line of Lil' Refugee prosthetic limbs! So make your village safer and your children shorter by grabbing this product today!


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