Thursday, May 3, 2012

Filthy Limericks

I wasn't sure what to post tonight, so I made up some filthy limericks. These are originals, but certainly nothing to be proud of. Enjoy!

Her husband had passed out between us
And her nude form affected my penis
So I gave her my inches
And a few playful pinches
But he awoke with a stroke 'cause he'd seen us

My drinking was making me floppy
So the whore had to balance atop me
Some juices exuded
So I quickly concluded
Her seconds were decidedly sloppy

She explained when I inserted my thumb
That a beating would help her to cum
So I bit off her clit
And made her admit
That her vagina was actually numb

My girl lost a toy in my anus
And I insisted removal be painless
So she reached deep inside
But it continued to hide
Now my doctor is sure of my gayness


1 comment:

  1. In his selfie, he grinned and he flexed.
    She thought ‘OK’, and sent him a sext;
    Pouting, showing her boobs,
    One hand over her pubes.
    What on earth will young ladies do next!