Sunday, May 13, 2012

Internet Art Show - Mother's Day Edition

Happy Mother's Day!  In celebration of this most matriarchal of holidays, we present a Popular Irony Internet Art Show.  Today's subject is a notorious tabloid mother, The Octomom.  I Googled "Octomom Art" copy and pasted some bitlets and pics and voila, the artful results!

First up is some sort of plastic Octomom Sculpture.  Simply astounding... just look at the line work and the... the .... sculptedness.

Ah!   I like this one.  It is titles "Octomom the Supervillian".  Tube of sperm, turkey baster, nipple hat and not to mention the 8 exposed breasts.  The misspelling of the word "Supervillain" only adds to the mystique surrounding this piece.

Hey!  It's some sort of Octomom  pedal scooter or something..... This exhibit is really missing some exsposed breasts.  C-

Up until now, I never thought stretch marks were sexy.  This sculpture just reaffirms past beliefs.  I was shocked when the babies were actually born and didn't just burrow their way out of her stomach like rabid voles.

Her belly is full of blue veins like an fine, stinky cheese.

So I'm not supposed to be aroused by this?  I mean art is in the eye of the beholder, right?

Finally!  A piece of art that really speaks to me!  Birthing buttered pancakes!  I think this piece really captures the meaning and purpose behind Mother's day.  The Octomom being crucified for our entertainment while a salivating Angelina Jolie and Madonna gyrate over her freshly birthed pancake pile. I have stared into the abyss and pancakes stared back.

I hope our Internet Art trip was as fun for you as it was for me.  I'm am sure we will go on a journey together again... one day... when I need an easy, quick, lazy post.  Happy Mother's Day!!


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