Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baccy Seeds! Delicious Smokeless Sunflower Seeds

Are you addicted to nicotine?  Have you ever tried to quit?  Did you use sunflower seeds to distract you from your addiction?  Millions have done the same thing and failed miserably, just like you! 

Over 80% of nicotine addicts that have attempted unsuccessfully to quit reported that they tried sunflower seeds.  The idea is that when you have seeds in your mouth it is difficult to smoke or chew tobacco, and the process of eating them satisfies the oral fixation.  But what about those of us that resigned ourselves to a certain untimely death? 

After accepting that you will never defeat your addiction you must also accept that sunflower seeds are incompatible with your habits.  Until NOW!

Delicious Salty Tobacco Flavor!
Introducing new Baccy Seeds!  The only casual snack that satisfies your hunger AND your cravings!  Just imagine the convenience in the ballpark, on a public bus, or while on a commercial flight!  They can go anywhere!  And the best part is... no one knows you are an addict!

And remember to visit your fine tobacco outlets for our other new products:  Baccy Eye Drops, Baccy Adhesive Bandages, and Baccy Suppositories!

Only for adults age 18 and over.  Consumers must exercise restraint when enjoying Baccy Seeds.  If inflammation of the esophagus occurs see a doctor immediately.  Always wear latex gloves when handling Baccy Seeds.  Baccy Seeds are not legal for human consumption in the states of AZ, IA, MT, VT, NH and WV.  Pending FDA approval, copyright 2011.

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