Saturday, August 13, 2011

A One-Legged Vagrant's Guide to the Movies

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Hello computer people!  Frisky Pete is back again with more opinions about movie-watching.  I had to stay for six days in jail because a police lady saw me poop in a fountain, so I only saw 3 movies since the last time I was typing.
Apes make good movie
 I had to take a bus to get to the blue movie building down by the free clinic.  I stood by the door for 2 hours and the man said I could see a movie if I went a way after it.  I saw the Rise of the Ape World movie.  Underneath the seats in the back I found a broken cell phone, but I got stuck by my pants.  I had to take off my pants, and I guess everybuddy was scared by my gone leg scars cuz they left.  The film does not shy away from it’s B-movie roots, and makes a fun journey to the exciting revolution that makes up the climax.
these are cowboys and aliens
At the movie building that I saw the Smurf movie at I was able to get in by falling when the man asked for my ticket.  When he pulls me up I look for ticket and then fall again.  He doesn’t ask for tickets anymore, so I get to go to any movie I want!  I saw the movie about the Cowboys and Aliens, but I can’t remember the name of the movie.  I thought the movie was about the Mexicans that come here from out in the desert, but there were only the flying kind of aliens.  The outlandish title makes a promise that is difficult to live up to, and this movie ultimately disappoints.  There is less of a “Loony Toons” and more of a “Schindler’s List” vibe, which isn’t the kind of fun promised.
This is from The Help movie
I can usually get enough dollars to see a movie in the parking lot by asking people.  Some are nice because I am hopping, and some are scared and want me to leave but still give me some dollars.  Some people can’t hear me even if I am yelling.  I saw the movie The Help that way.  It was about black maids that hated the white people.  I hated the white people too, but when other people watching the movie went to go pee it was easy to take their popcorns and drinks.  If you stay low the movie light doesn’t let people know you are doing it.  An ably performed film by the entire cast, The Help missed an opportunity by focusing on getting even rather than advancing the oppressed.  But with political opinions aside it is satisfying and entertaining fare.
I broke my foot when I was jumping a small fence, so I am slower getting around places.  I will be going to another bunch of movies and I will tell you about them when I get back to the library to write on the computers.- Frisky Pete

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