Monday, August 8, 2011

Glenda Bekk and the Black President Spiderman

- Glenda Bekk -
Licensed Opinionomotrist

Hey Y'all Glenda Bekk here!!  You besst ssit your butt down becausse have I gotss ssome newss for you!!  Sso I wass like, talking to Melinda down at the Ssizzler and sshe like, told me ssome of the crazziesst sstuff and junk. 

It jusst sso happenss that our like, filthy commie pressident hass a filthy commie wife.  Her name is like, Mischelle or whatever, which is russssian for "Ssnake Queen".  Sshe hass a ssecret agenda and sshe iss like trying to unleassh it like, upon America'ss youth'ss and junk.  It all sstarted when sshe sstarted calling sschool children fat and sstuff like, to their facess and sshe like told them to eat better foodss becausse they look sso grossss and fat and junk.  

The "worsst" lady iss trying to like, desstabalizse our country and like, our youthss!  The worsst of the worsst jusst happened the other day.  It sseems that Mischelle hunted down and like, killed Peter Parker THE SSPIDERMAN!!  I couldn't believe it!  I was like, how could sshe kill ssuch a beloved ssuper hero?  I guesss sshe like, hired the Green Goblin or ssomething to kill Sspiderman and he did!  And then I found out why sshe hired him.  It turns out that she wanted to like,  make a NON-AMERICAN SSPIDERMAN!  Sshe forcsed everybody to put a like, gay, black Mexican man in the sspider ssuit.  Her hussband.  Sso you like totally have Barack Husssein Obama web sslinging through the city like, sspreading hiss ssocialisst Nazsi agenda all over the children'ss facess!

Ssomething like, needss to be done about our new Black Pressident Sspiderman.  He hass too much power or whatever.  I mean like somebody sshould like sshoot him like, theoretically of coursse.  If nothing iss done all of our white children will turn into like, gay, black Mexicanss and sstuff with SspiderBama ruling over them all with hiss like sspider-ssensse and junk.

Sso remember, like with great power, like, comess great ressponssibility or whaterver.

Ssmoochess -Glenda Bekk


  1. Wattup Glenda?

    Yo! Green Goblinator here. Me n Rhino dick and the rest were down @ the lincon mall last Friday, y'know gettn our $WAG-ON! And Spiderman walks up to us and he's like Wassup? & I said Wassup with you?! & he said nothn. & I said Yeah I didnt think so. Right in front of his gf Mary Wana or Michelle or what ev. Me n my boys r gonna fuckn make him remembr not 2 come there again if he ever comes back lincon. Let him shop @ lakeview with all the other lameass DOOSHBAG WANNABES. Fuckn told him! Thought u might wnat 2 no.

    lmmfao ((((OH+ YEH)))),


    PS wassup w/Biilie Oreilly. Is she single?