Friday, August 12, 2011

Bigfoot Contessa's Mega Meat Mounds!

Hello child it's me, Bigfoot Contessa!  But yo'll can call me Mama Bigfoot.  Oh Lordy!  You's looks hungry!  Well jus sit on don dere an let me cook you some yummy grub.

Today' tasty treat is one o yo ole Mama Bigfoot's favorite dishes.  Now gets a pen sweetheart cause I'ma only gonna say dis once. 

- 1 18 pack Libby's Vienna Sausages
- 2 lbs extra thick cut pepper bacon
- 3 lbs pork sausage
- 1 lb sharp cheddar cheese
- 10 cloves garlic
- 4 eggs

Now dem first ting you wanna do is cut up all dem bacons into tiny bits.  Den take one o dem big ole fryin pans and cook up all dem bacon bits.  When dem bacons is all crispy like, take dem out to cool.  NOW YOU KEEP THAT BACON FAT HEAR!?

Now get yo'self a big ole bowl and put all dem delicious Libby's Vienna Sausages in dere.  Now take your paws and mash up dem Libby's Vienna sausages good till dems all like a Pâté.  Now you gonna wanna grate up all dem chedda cheese and mix dat cheese wit dem delicious mashed Libby's Vienna Sausages.  Now mix in dem garlics and 2 of dem eggs and all o dem bacon bits.  Mash dem up all real good togetha.  Now put all dat meat mash and put in in dem fridge fo one hour.

While you waiten fo dem meats to chill, mix up dat pork sausage with dem otha two eggs.  Is dem meats nice and chilly?  Good!  Now make little ping pong balls outa dem meats.  Now take dem meaty balls and enrobe dem in a layer o delicious pork sausage.  Dem meats is wearin a meat coat!!

Now take yo bacon fat and cook up dem balls in it till dey all nice and cooked up like.  Now eat em!  Ooh! I canna sense yo mouth flavor.  Yo'll neva go back to plain ole meatballs when yo'll can make yo'self some o Mama Bigfoot's Mega Meat Mounds!

Keep yo'll tummy full o dem meats and yummy bits!! I love all yo'll - Bigfoot Contessa

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