Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Story of Pets

All across the world all the boys and girls love their pets.  They mostly have kittens, puppies.  And when the boys and girls grow older, they like to go away from home.  They forget about things, and the little pets have no one to love them.
The pets are now grown up, too.  They wonder what they did to make their people not love them anymore.  When the people do see them, they don’t seem happy.  They tell the pets to move, or go away.  The pets think that maybe they could make the people happy by going away.  That’s all they ever wanted, to make the people happy.

The pets go away and realize it is hard to not have a home.  The weather can be scary and cold, and it is hard to find things to eat.  There are other pets that do not have people anymore, and they can be mean and try to take away other animals’ food.  The pets wonder if they will become mean too.

The pets always think of their old home.  They wonder if the people ever noticed that they left.  They wonder if the people ever tried to find them.  They think that if the people let them inside again they would stay out of sight, just like the people wanted, as long as they put out some of that tasty food.  They never thought that food was so tasty before…
So they try to find a way back home.  It has been a long time, and they can’t remember the way anymore.  They find a lot of houses that look kinda like their old house.  Some of the people are not nice at all.  They call the pets ugly, and some throw rocks at them.  The pets get good at running away, especially from the big cars.  Sometimes it seems like the cars are trying to get them.
And then people come with rope-sticks.  They grab the pets and force them into car-cages.  The pets think that maybe the cage is going to their people.  Maybe the men with the rope-sticks have been sent to find the pets.  The pets are put into cages in rooms with other pets.  Some of the pets are hurt real bad, and others seem very mean.

The other animals go away from time to time, and new ones come to stay in their cages.  It is very boring waiting in the cages, but the people bring food now.  Then someone comes and gets the pet.  They think that maybe they will be taken to their people.  They go to a room with lots of sleeping animals.  They don’t wake up when the pets get scared and make noises.  But then they start to feel tired too.  It is hard to breath. 

This was designed to ruin your day.  Be kind to your pets!


  1. That was fucking brutal, but needed to be said.

  2. Thanks for that Hamtackle. *NECK PUNCH, NECK PUNCH, NECK PUNCH* I was right in the middle of masturbating when I read this.