Friday, August 19, 2011

DILDRAVEXIN is FDA approved!!

Dr. Phillip N. Pushdin
Hi I'm Doctor Phillip N. Pushdin.  Do you suffer from Painful Stool, Bricky Doo, the Razor Slops, Chocolate Acid, Ouchy Plums or other Type 1 Degenerative Bung Afflictions? 

When diet and exercise are not enough adding DILDRAVEXIN may help.  Unlike some other Fecal Smoothening medications DILDRAVEXIN is FDA approved to reduce the risk of Stingy Bottom,  Caustic Pushings and certain kinds of ring-piece repair if you have several common risk factors or the Fire Brownies. 

DILDRAVEXIN has been extensively studied with over 13 weeks of research.  I should know, I was there.  It was pretty badass.  DIDLRAVEXIN is not for everyone including people with Ripple Sphincter or woman who are nursing, pregnant, nursing and pregnant or might become pregnant if the fancy strikes. 

You need simple dung tests to check for Colon Clams and possibly multiple deeply probing Doctor fingers.  Most of the time we dislike it as much as you do.  Most of the time.

Tell your doctor if you are taking other medications or if you experience any tiredness at night or hunger as this may be a sign or a rare but serious side affect. Death.  I take DILDRAVEXIN and I no longer am forced to scream when I poop and you can too.  Thanks DILDRAVEXIN!                  

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