Monday, August 8, 2011

Gravy Boy Bedtime Story

The Legendary Miracle Gravy Maker
Once upon a time in Gravyland there was a young boy with a very big heart.  The boy was named Samchay, and he was the baker’s son.  Samchay was a very adventurous boy and his father had to pay very close attention to keep him from going on wild adventures.  But sometimes his father was busy making bread and pies, and could not pay attention to Samchay.
On one such day Samchay snuck past his father, opened the back door to the alleyway, and ran down the street in search of the legendary Miracle Gravy.  The baker was going to lose his shop to the evil landlord because he could not pay his rent.  The Bakery was barely staying open, and they did not sell as many pies and bread as they used to.  Samchay knew that the Miracle Gravy could make a wonderful pot pie, and the sales could save the Bakery!
Samchay went to the Blacksmith’s shop.  He did not know where the Miracle Gravy was.  He asked the Seamstress, Mrs. Curry, but she did not know where to find the Miracle Gravy, either!  Samchay was about to give up when a man tapped him on the shoulder.
“What’s wrong, boy?” The man asked.
“I am looking for the legendary Miracle Gravy to save my father’s Bakery, but no one knows where to find it!”  Samchay said, sobbing.
“Well, then boy…” The man continued. “Today is your lucky day.  You see, I am the Legendary Miracle Gravy Maker, and I can help you with your problem!”
Samchay could not believe his luck.  He followed the man into his basement apartment where, for two weeks, Samchay practiced the ancient massage techniques that were specially designed to tap into the Miracle Gravy reserves.  Slowly over his stay, he gathered several gallons of the priceless condiment.  The Bakery was sure to be saved now!  His task fulfilled, Samchay thanked the stranger for his sage wisdom and helpful nature.
“Before you go, Samchay…” The man said.  “Now that you have mastered the twin techniques of the Pleasurable Palm and the Thunderous Underhand Stroke, you have earned your reward.”
Samchay listened intently.
“The Miracle Gravy… it is within me, boy.  The Gravy is within you, as well.  This is my gift to you.  The source of the Miracle Gravy… take this knowledge and make your father’s Bakery famous…”  With that, the man led Samchay away.  He knew he would never see the boy again.
Samchay returned home to a very worried father, but was excited to share the Bakery’s salvation with his father.  He showed his father the Miracle Gravy, and told him about the ancient extraction terchniques he mastered.  He explained that their troubles were all over.
But father did not like the Gravy.  He was very angry and told the city guard about the Legendary Miracle Gravy Maker.  Father said the Legendary Miracle Gravy Maker should fucking burn in hell.  But Samchay knew the Miracle Gravy worked.  He had been secretly sneaking his own Miracle Gravy into the pies for months now, and the Bakery was thriving.  Every day he silently thanked the stranger that taught him the source of the Miracle Gravy.

The End

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