Thursday, August 18, 2011

Which is More Adorable? A Popular Irony Poll

HOLY SHIT!  Did you see Hamtackle's post from yesterday?  Sweet fucking Christmas that was horrifying.  Links to videos of graphic Uber -Violence and you, loyal reader, can vote for the most terrible.  I myself am not a fan of the "violent murder and dismemberment snuff genre".  I prefer comedy to horror, sci-fi to drama, porn to romantic period pieces.  But Hamtackle does make good points about the brutality of human nature and not acknowledging it makes you . . . .  something somehthing.. ......

I feel it is my responsibility to offer a contradictory post to mop out a bit of that awful awful gore.  Not that I encourage Hamtackle to censor himself or hold back in any way, its just that I don't like torture porn.  So here is a sweet angel kiss on the lips from Terlet.

DISCLAIMER:  This post is for you.  That’s right, I’m talking to you.  I am going to go into detail about some pretty adorable acts in a rather casual way, and if you are going to be enamored by that, then stick around and read this.  To our numerous loyal readers, tomorrow will be another beautiful day here at Popular Irony, and the Happiness is thick like a jolly soup.  Kinda like a warm hug.  That being said, there are links to some pretty cutsey wutsey stuff.  All of the videos have had millions of views by people who came away smiling and happy.  I hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful day.  

We have four big contenders here, ladies and gentlemen.  You know the rules: read the descriptions, follow the links, or both.  Then cast your vote in the margin on the right!  And remember these links are legit, so get on board the cutey pie express!

Now this is a video of an adorable little baby laughing  at the tearing of a piece of paper.  The baby is extremely cute and the laughter just tickles your belly.  You can't help but smile when watching this video.  The father is laughing too.  Can you imagine what it is like for him.  This child did not exist up until recently.  He is still getting used to it.  Now it is developing a personality and enjoying life.  This might be the first time that this father has ever thought "everything is going to be OK".

Now this next clip is of a sleeping kitten and its mama.  The kitten is on it's back having adorable little kitten dreams.  The little sweetheart starts moving its front legs while its dreaming about playing with it's kitten siblings.  The mama kitty reaches out and hugs the little kitten and gently licks it into a sleepy submission.  A true sign of love and affection.  I am a cat lover and this video delighted me as I hope it delights you.

If you have a cute kitten video you need to have a cute puppy video too.  This puppy loves to whistle.  His master whistles and the pup whistles back.  It is unbelievably precious.   I guess it's not really a whistle, more like a baby puppy howl.  That makes it even more charming.  I bet that that dog and that master forge an unbreakable bond with each other.  I just got a dog and this touches a special place in my heart.

Now this is funny.  Its a mama Panda Bear eating it's yummy bamboo just having a lovely time.  It thinks is cub is sound asleep so it doesnt expect it to sneeze so loudly.  The impressivly loud baby panda sneeze startles the mama Panda causing her to jump a little bit.  But then she goes right back to eating that yummy bamboo.  It is so great to see a healthy baby Panda and a happy mama Panda.  In the near future their numbers will climb and we will get them off the endangered species list!  Yay Pandas!!

See, wasn't that nice?  No Russian kids gutting homeless people.  No bloodthirsty children drawing pleasure and social encouragement from brutal dismemberment.   No Mexican cartels pealing human heads like potatoes.  I hope that cleanses the palate a bit.  Well, go ahead and vote in the sidebar on the right for the video that brightened your day the most.  It will be right below Hamtackle's poll for the most utterly horrifying acts imaginable. 

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