Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hey Human!

Me am Human
Hey Human!  Hey Human, how you?  Me am Human and me am well too.  Me auto-conveyance have severe injury to engine.  Me need to fix auto-conveyance so Me can enjoy human entertainment ritual with mate and offspring.  

Hey Human!  You know where Me get Hypercandescant Plasma Drive?  What about Platinumonium Injector Core?  No?  What about Dephotonic Stabilizer?  Me guess Me have to call mate for conveyance.  Me mate will be ferocious with Me.

Hey Human!  Me sure am hungry.  Where Me get bovine udders?  Bovine cheeks?  Bovine anus? Bovine eyes?  Bovine ears?  Bovine reproductive organs?  What you no hungry?  What you only eat vegetable? 

Hey Human!  You want come back to Me auto-conveyance?  Me have something you may want see.  It is procedure of tests Me apply to you.  Me am doctor.  Me promise.  Me just need to check you holes for information.  All of you holes.

Hey Human!  Where you going?

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